Aside from the friendships, preparation for the baby, and bonding with my husband through this class, Paislie makes it clear that this is more than a business to her by hearing out everyone’s concerns full heartedly and providing us with the answers and advice we need to make our own decisions. It has been a blessing to find someone so passionate and personable about such a special time in our lives. We are so thankful we had this experience
— Shannon

I took her class, it was AMAZING! She went over everything you could possibly need to know, we were totally set for everything. I can’t thank her enough for what she gave my family, and I had a epidural free labor and birth all thanks to her! she’s the absolute best!!!!!!!!
— Meredith

I had my placenta encapsulated after the birth on my identical twins. Paislie was very quick with her turn around time and the communication was wonderful. I felt that taking my encapsulated placenta was very helpful in my post partum recovery.
— B

Paislie did far more during labor than I ever expected! She knew exactly what to do and when to do it without even asking. My husband really appreciated her calming presence during the birth of our baby. Highly recomment!
— - E